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ACTIVA 12" x 24" - 1/8"x1/6" Small Sculpting Activ-Wire Mesh

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Activ-Wire Mesh for sculpting is the perfect structural support for all projects, such as a paper mache armature. Activ-Wire Mesh is a unique material for direct wire sculpture and an amazing art and craft material. Activ-Wire Mesh is easy to cut with household scissors and is non-rusting, making it an excellent craft material for all projects. Also, the wire mesh is oven safe which allows it to be used with polymer clays and no special equipment is required. Some product ideas in which Activ-Wire would be an excellent craft material are masks, jewelry, armatures, school projects, volcanoes, mountain and model train screener, dioramas, home decor and more! Activ-Wire Mesh should be handled with care as all wire has sharp edges.

Features :
It will not rust making it the perfect interior support for projects using papier mache, clays and plasters; it's oven safe for use with polymer clays
Easy to cut with household scissors, it is easily worked, shaped and molded into the desired shape, and strong enough to hold its shape
Perfect for school projects, fine art sculpture, model train scenery, dioramas, jewelry, masks and home decor art
Activ-Wire Mesh is the perfect armature and structural support for all your sculpture and project needs
Dimensions: 6.13"L x 9.5"W x 2.25"H, Weight: 0.20 lbs.

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