Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Bill Detector

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Powerful and easy to use, too! Cassida Quattro employs the most advanced technology in counterfeit detection today and eliminates the frustration of feeding bills correctly. The Quattro allows you to insert bills in any orientation - face up or face down - and instantly know whether a bill is genuine or suspect. Easy to understand PASS and FAIL indicators show if bills are legitimate or should be rejected. Incredibly intuitive 4-way insertion: Eliminate the frustration of having to insert bills only one particular way - unlike standard detectors, Quattro accepts bills in all 4 orientations - face up or face down. Employees need no training - Immediate PASS/FAIL indicators and on-screen denomination confirmations make Quattro incredibly intuitive to use. Industry's best detector: Quattro breaks through technology barriers with its advanced detection and analysis capabilities, assuring state-of-the-art performance and ironclad security conventional detectors won't ever match. Take Quattro anywhere you need to authenticate cash - a rechargeable battery is included. On-screen report shows total value and total bills taken in a single transaction and breaks it down by denomination. Built to last: Durable and quality-built, the Quattro is a long-term solution to protecting your business from counterfeits. Go ahead and put it next to a busy check stand - Quattro snaps open for easy cleaning. Easily upgradeable - when US currency changes, you can still get accurate detection without buying a new unit. Have confidence in every transaction: Quattro is backed by the exclusive Cassida Counterfeit Shield that reimburses you the full face value of the counterfeit bill within 72 hours, should your Quattro detector accept it as genuine. We're so confident in the Quattro, because it has industry-leading detection built right in.

Features :
Model: Quattro. Typical use: retailers, gas stations, municipalities, restaurants.
Verification types: Infrared security marks, Magnetic ink, Color spectrum analysis, size detection, optical density, Cassida M Detection Algorithm.
Verification speed: Less than .5 second/bill. 4-way bill insertion, Grand total report, Denomination-specific report. Display type: High resolution LCD.
Power supply input: 100-240AC/50-60Hz. Power supply output: DC9V/Battery 5W. Rechargable lithium battery: 7.2V/1000mAh.
Power consumption: 5W. Dimensions: 4.9" W x 2.9" H x 5.5" D (125 * 7 * 138 * mm). Net Weight: 1.5 lbs. (.6kg)

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