Cassida Advantec 75 Heavy Duty Bill Counter with ValuCount

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The Advantec 75 is breakthrough in currency counters. Built to standards usually reserved for aircraft components, it combines speed, precision, and versatility into one heavy-duty machine. Packed with cutting-edge features and tested in ultra-demanding counting environments, the Advantec 75 is a state-of-the-art machine ready for a wide variety of missions. ValuCount uses the denomination selected by the user to calculate the dollar value of the count. By activating ValuCount in the add mode, users can count different denominations while keeping track of the total value. Next-level communication capabilities: In an industry first, the Advantec 75 displays both the reason and remedy for detection alerts in easy-to-understand language on its large liquid crystal display. A broad range of detection features: Infrared, ultraviolet (U and UM models), and magnetic sensors (UM model) are able to spot a wide range of bill discrepancies, including half, double, and chain notes, note-width differences, and sophisticated counterfeits. Fast, accurate, and reliable: The Advantec 75 counts up to 1,500 bills per minute without sacrificing accuracy, reliability, or crucial detection capabilities. Customizable operation: User preferences for screen brightness and keypad beep can be quickly set using the control panel. In addition to 1,500 bills per minute, counting speeds of 800, 1000 and 1200 are also available to ensure smooth counting of both worn and new bills. Friendly to users and the environment: The Advantec 75 enters an energy-saving sleep mode when not in use, but the One-Eye-Open feature switches the unit from sleep to counting when bills are loaded.

Features :
Typical use: large business, banking. Counting speed: 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 bills/minute. Hopper capacity: 425 bills (new)
Stacker capacity: 350 bills (new). Loading type: Top loader. Display type: LCD. Error detection: Half, double, chain, note width
Error alert: Audio alert with visual instructions. Counterfeit detection: UV (U and UM models), MG (UM model)
Operating modes: Count, add, batch, add+batch. Batching range: Presets and 1-999. Add range: 0-999,999
Weight: 14.8 lbs (6.7 kg). Dimensions, unit: 10.6"W x 9.8"D x 9.0"H, Power input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

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